Firebug RM™ Barcode Extinguisher Inspection System

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Automated Barcode Fire Equipment Inspection Software

Firebug RM™ is an automated barcode extinguisher inspection system that can be used to inspect any safety device.  Organize safety inspections and complete them using a hand held mobile computer. Generate inspection reports quickly and accurately with this easy to use solution.  The three main components of the Firebug RM system are the browser based software, mobile computers and barcode labels.

The Software:

The Firebug RM™ is a unique barcode inspection system in the way it can be installed as either a network server based system or cloud based on a web server and available over the internet. The software manages the database of safety devices; records inspection results, organizes the scheduling of critical inspection dates and provides reports that can be sorted hundreds of ways. The features of Firebug RM™ include the following:

  • Ability to inspect extinguishers with a mobile device
  • Inspect all safety devices – exit signs, emergency lights, eye wash stations and more
  • Includes the capability of organizing inspections into routes
  • Eliminate the possibility of missing an extinguisher or safety device inspection
  • Incorporates the speed and accuracy of barcodes
  • Comply with The Joint Commission, OSHA and other regulations

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The Hand Held Mobile Computer:

This durable industrial grade device is installed with the Firebug RM™ fire extinguisher inspection software. Perform inspections, move inventory, add locations and safety equipment and more using this mobile computer. Every transaction is automatically date and time stamped along with the inspector completing the work.  Once complete, the data is uploaded to the Firebug RM™ system eliminating the need to manually enter inspection results.  Safety Managers now have the peace of mind that inspections are complete and reports are accurate!

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How to get started with Firebug RM™

Step 1:  Extinguishers and other safety devices are entered into the system and each is associated with an attached barcode label.  Inspection dates are recorded and the system is updated.  This would include monthly, semi-annual, annual, 5 year, 6 year and 12 year inspections. All this can be entered at the desktop or using the mobile hand held computer.  We can also assist with the importing of data into Firebug RM™.

Step 2: Once the data has been entered into the system, inspection schedules can be set up.  In Firebug RM™, these schedules are easily organized as inspection routes.  The routes are downloaded to the mobile computer and issued to inspectors. The inspectors are given a list of locations, extinguishers and safety devices.  As the extinguishers are inspected, they are removed from the route.  A route cannot be completed unless all the devices are accounted for.  In this way, it is assured that every device is inspected.

Step 3: Upon completion of a work day or periodically, the hand held mobile computer uploads the inspection results to the Firebug™ system.  Every safety device inspection is automatically date and time stamped along with the technician who completed it. Once the data is uploaded, many inspection reports are available.  These include the following.

  • Safety Device Inventory Reports
  • Inspections Due by Location or by Building
  • Inspections Past Due by Location or by Building
  • 5,6,12 year inspections Due – sorted by dates
  • Inspection Transaction Reports – sorted by dates
  • Route Reports

The Benefits of Firebug™

  • Peace of mind that every extinguisher & safety device has been inspected
  • Reduce the overall cost of inspections
  • Security of knowing that inspection reports can be generated at any time
  • Accountability of inspectors
  • Having the ability to plan effectively
  • Ability to include any device inspection

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