Label Printing Systems

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Any successful barcode label printing system starts with a well-designed and printed barcode label. We have 30 plus years in designing and installing label printing systems. There are three main elements of a successful label printing system. These are the software driving the printer, the thermal and thermal transfer label printer and the label material.

Label Software

We provide the major barcode label printing system software from industry leaders. This includes the suite of label software from Teklynx and Seagull Scientific. These systems make it easy to design any label and have it print clearly as needed. We can help you choose the right software fit for your project and ensure success.

Label Printers

Thermal transfer printer solutions include desktop label printers for use in office locations, mid-range and industrial printers used in warehouses and rugged environments. Choose the right printer and label combination for any applications. These applications include asset labels, pharmaceutical labels, shipping labels, packaging labels and more. We offer the full range of thermal transfer printers and label media to fit any project.

Custom Labels

We can help design a pressure sensitive label to fit your application as part of a label printing system. This includes designing new die configurations for labels if required. We also have extensive experience in picking the right label material to work as planned. This includes a discovery process where we will learn about the planned label system and the substrate the label is applied to, the temperature, environmental stresses, how label is applied and how the barcode will be read. Once this discovery is completed, sample label material is available to test and approve. Proofs and die line diagrams are approved before the labels are printed. This process has helped us produce labels for even the most challenging applications.


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